Boarding Rates
( new rates effective 4/1/2016 )

Dog Kennels:

$25 per night for the first dog
1 for each additional dog in the same run.
Additional playtime for your dog
$5 per session (up to 3 sessions can be provided per day)
For only $1 per night, we have available 4 1/2" elevated PetCot beds for your pets
comfort. These beds are ideal for the geriatric as well as the pampered dog.
Sorry but we do not accept over sized bedding with either a zipper or stuffing.

Personal Belongings
Please limit 2 toys per dog. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE OR LOST
ITEMS, but we will do our best to return them safely. For safety reasons we also
reserve the right to refuse items that we feel may cause a problem during boarding.
Plastic crates are allowed in the runs, wire crates, for safety reasons are not.  WE DO
bedding to be put down with each guest! For a small additional charge you may have
your pet lounge comfortably on a Pet Cot.

If you wish to bring your own food, please have it pre-packaged for each meal and
labeled with the pets full name. We would be happy to serve our food at no additional
cost while your pet boards.

Please bring enough for your pets stay, plus a few days in case of an emergency/fun
extended stay. All medications should be in their original dispensed bottles with a label.

Owner must show proof of all yearly vaccinations, including a required Bordetella. All
vaccinations must be veterinary administered.

Cat Condos:

$20 per night for the first cat
5 for each additional cat in the same condo.
Playtime for your cat: $5 per session
Whatever games your cat loves or simply brushing and hugs.
We can schedule several sessions per day.
All cat condos come completely furnished!

We do provide a discounted rate of 10% off for long term
boarding of 2 weeks or longer.    

Training Rates

In-Board Training:

$1600 for 4 weeks.
Our price includes any and all maintenance training
through private lessons and group classes at no additional cost.
You also will receive a 1/2 hour DVD training video featuring your dog

Private Lessons:

$50 per session, on-site
$200 for five sessions
These lessons are private one on one lessons.
Half of the time will be allocated to me working with your dog
to find the most effective methods that your dog best responds to.
The other half of the time will be dedicated
to helping you on how to better communicate with your dog.

Basic Obedience Group Class:

$100 for 6 week course, 1 hour sessions

Intermediate Obedience Group Class:

$55 for 4 week course, 1 hour sessions
This includes the AKC testing fee

Grooming Rates

Our rates start at $15.
Depending on size and condition of dog.
Includes bathing, cleaning ears,
trimming nails, and expressing anal glands if requested.
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