3/3/1993 - 2/5/2008

If there ever was a dog that helped me along every step of the way to becoming a better dog trainer and a
better person, Cayenne was the one. This best friend and partner dedicated 15 wonderful years of her
life to always keeping me happy and making me very proud. Without her I would never have had the
courage to move to Texas and take over this business. Always the consummate fighter to the end, she
gave me the privilege of letting me hold her up to her very last breath of air. We'll never forget Cayenne
as she is always present on our logo.
Chuck and Marty
Owners of Barkingham Palace
Chuck working with
his dog Cayenne
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Chuck began dog training in 1980 when he rescued an abused pit bull, Sheba. Having had
dogs all of his life, he knew that Sheba could be a danger. He enrolled in a basic obedience
class at County Wide Dog Training Club (CWDTC) in Santa Rosa, California. Chuck graduated
2nd in the class and was “bitten” by the dog training bug. At that moment he knew he loved
dog training and would do what it would take to become a great dog trainer.  Since then,
Chuck has studied under nationally and internationally recognized dog trainers including
Janice Howard, Doug White and Jean Michelle Moreau. For 6 years Chuck trained under and
worked with Janis Howard and Doug White owners of Pro K9 Dog Training in Placerville, CA.
Website:  In 2003 Chuck and Marty purchased 26 raw acres
in Vacaville, California with the dream and desire to build a training and boarding kennel. After
many disappointing and expensive roadblocks, Chuck and Marty decided to sell the Vacaville
property and Chuck began to research available kennels for sale. In January 2005 he visited
Barkingham Palace and found it to be designed and built to the highest standards. In March of
2005 Chuck took ownership of Barkingham and realizing his dream of owning his own kennel.
He immediately introduced obedience training and has gained the reputation as the Hill
Country Dog Whisperer.  Marty quickly followed Chuck to Texas and they married in April of
2006. Before coming to Texas, Marty was in human resource management for several Napa
Valley wineries. Marty shares Chuck's love of animals and has enjoyed leaving the corporate
“rat race” back in California. Chuck and Marty moved into their dream home near the kennel
after living in a small apartment (for 5 years) in the 6000 square foot kennel building. They
strongly believe that living on the property with the animals is key to monitoring the care and
needs of their pet guests.

Barkingham Palace's
Resident Canines
from left to right:


Oliver (Jack Russel - Fox Terrier mix)

Roxie (Boxer)

Brady (Border Collie)
10/23/1997 - 4/29/2007

We lost Jesse on Sunday, April 29th. She was ready to go to the better place. It is so hard! Jesse brought
Chuck and I together when she was a young pup. I was forever calling him for training advice as she was
a hand full. I had 9 1/2 years with her and 9 months after she was diagnosed with a large tumor in her
chest, so we were blessed and she had a fantastic life. Especially the last 2 years here at Barkingham
Palace. She lived like a Queen! Jesse passed here and is buried here under a beautiful oak tree.  Anyway,
I'm hanging in here, sad, but know that each day it will get easier.
I just miss her so much.
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