When Chuck and Marty purchased Barkingham, they visited most, if not all, of the Veterinarians in the
area... introducing themselves and thereby establishing a unique connection in order to be able to care for
their 'pet guests' in the best possible way. I could not be happier that they have that special connection! If
there is ever any problem with Daisy while she is in their care... they never hesitate to call, and Chuck has
even gone out for additional insulin and/or any other item that Daisy may need before we return! It is so
easy to see the love that they have for Daisy and all their other 'pet guests'!

Marty and Chuck have a wonderful staff of people at their supremely clean facility, and I hope that they
will be here forever!!

Needless to say, I initially felt extremely guilty about it!

As it turned out, my concerns about kenneling the kids were completely unfounded! Barkingham Palace does
a wonderful job of being a "home away from home"! After their first weekend, I had reason to stop back over
to Barkingham. Amazingly, even the older "Diva" of my dogs was ready to jump out of the car & take her
place at   Barkingham. I had to apologize to her that this wasn't another "weekend at camp" & we were going
back home!

They both actually look forward to their weekends at Barkingham!

The personnel at Barkingham Palace take the time to get to know each dog so that they can better fill their
individual needs. For example, my younger "little boy" needs his run around & roughhouse play time; while
the older "Diva" receives cuddles, praise, & personal attention during her play time. This attention to detail
means a great deal to me & relieves me of any concerns about leaving them in a kennel when I'm forced to
go out to town!

Thank you, Barkingham, for being a "mother's" best friend!

- Gayle -
Meet some of our pet guests...
My husband, Wayne, and I absolutely love Barkingham
Palace…but most of all, we love Marty and Chuck!  And the
very good news is that our sweet, adorable, brilliant
Westie, Daisy, loves them and loves her “home away from
home” so very much!  Daisy, age 9, has been diabetic since
she was 5, and lost her sight rather rapidly within a year or
so.  She must have insulin injections twice a day, and most
kennels are either not equipped to administer those
injections or simply do not want the responsibility of doing
so. Not so with Chuck and Marty! They very lovingly take
care of Daisy as though she were their own, so when we
leave her with them, we feel totally at ease.
Okay, I'll admit that my canine children
are just a tad spoiled! They have the run
of the house & even share the bed with
me; actually, at 60 & 80 pounds, it's
more like they allow me to share the king
size bed with them! I'm required to travel
a lot during the Spring, which  means
that I need to leave the kids with
someone that I trusted   unconditionally!
For years, I hired someone to move into
my house during my business trips in
order to oversee & continue their
routine. Then, when my usual house &
dog sitter became ill, I was forced to
send the kids to a kennel.
Our house pretty much revolves around us dogs with tons of fun activities, punctuated
by hugs and kisses. Life is good at our house. Of course, we have been trained by Chuck
Schifferling and we know all about good manners. (We get more attention when we’re

For some reason, our people need to go away sometimes. I can’t imagine why they would
want to be AWAY from ME but when they do that, we go and stay at Chuck and Marty’s
place, Barkingham Palace. You’ll notice that their place is called a PALACE, not a
kennel. I like it there. I know the ropes, how to get some extra lovin’ and stuff and
we get lots of playtime and ball tossing. We get our own big runs but I allow Bogie to
share my playtime with me. Mom says the reason she likes Barkingham are:

*We are completely safe. Chuck and Marty live at the Palace and are there to take
good care of us.

*It’s very clean. (I’m sort of a clean freak and I appreciate that) but Mom says it’s
necessary for our health and well-being

*Fleas are not allowed at Barkingham. All dogs coming in are checked for fleas and that
is very important to us because I hate bugs and Bogie is allergic to fleas.

*If we ever did get sick, Chuck would take us to our own vet. I like that because I’m
not into strange vets. I want my own.

*If necessary, Chuck will pick us up and bring us home.

Generally speaking, I would rather be home but sometimes I kind of like having a nice
vacation at Barkingham Palace. It’s hard work being a princess all the time.
Testimonial for     
Barkingham Palace
By Price Welch
My name is Scion’s Worth
Waiting for Gold, but
everybody calls me
Price. I am a totally
gorgeous Golden
Retriever and boy, do I
know it. I’m a real
princess and I live with
my uncle,Bogie, and Mom
and Dad.
Marty and Chuck with Price and
Bogie Welch
Soldier and Coatie
Daisy Achee
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